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Virtual Card Payment Alliance Is the New Voice of Virtual Card Payment Industry

June 24th 2015 – Dallas, Texas – Introducing the Virtual Card Payment Alliance (VCPA), a not-for-profit organization designed to educate, inform and promote the value of using virtual cards, a next generation of electronic payment tools for business-to-business (B2B) transactions. … Continue reading

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Diagram: Typical Payment Routing for Virtual Card Transactions

From the diagram below, we can start to piece together what is occurring during a typical virtual card transaction.  For reference, below are a few of the abbreviations used in the diagram: CSC = Card Security Code EOP = Explanation … Continue reading

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Electronic Payments: With the Obvious Efficiencies, Why are Adoption Rates Still So Low

Electronic Payments – Obvious efficiencies, so why is adoption still so minimal Time is money. With escalating costs, competition eating into the bottom line and new regulations affecting profitability, new methods are necessary for creating cost effective needs for payment … Continue reading

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Follow the VPCA on social media

Valuable resources to keep you aware of trends and news that matters to you VPCA members actively contribute to the social media landscape. With multiple contributors from numerous technology and services providers, you can get answers to innovative new solutions … Continue reading

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