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New White Paper: Finding common ground – How both payers & providers can benefit from virtual card payments

With a shared need to reduce billing and payment costs, insurers and healthcare providers alike stand to benefit from integrating virtual card payments. In this study, written by by Beth Griffen, Vice President and Business Leader, U.S. Healthcare and Insurance and Ed Downs, Vice President … Continue reading

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Diagram: Typical Payment Routing for Virtual Card Transactions

From the diagram below, we can start to piece together what is occurring during a typical virtual card transaction.  For reference, below are a few of the abbreviations used in the diagram: CSC = Card Security Code EOP = Explanation … Continue reading

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The Real Cost of Financial Transactions: A Quick Comparison

Often times just defining the difference between payment solutions can best identify which one to use when you are looking for the best option. Below is a quick comparison between the different methods of moving money and how virtual cards … Continue reading

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Virtual Cards in a Virtual World

Read our latest post about the next generation of payment processing methods that allow for lower costs and higher security. Learn More.

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